My First Experience With An Escort

I recently got rejected by a girl I liked at school. It was the first time I had made a real attempt at sleeping with a girl. For some reason, I had made no effort to get laid since I joined high school and it seemed that age was quickly catching up with me. I had just begun to experience these moments of great arousal and since I was a virgin, and hadn’t picked up any girl yet, I didn’t know how to begin. I knew I had to do something about it or else I would blow up and that’s how I had decided to try my luck with this sexy girl at school but she wouldn’t put out. It was then that a genius idea struck me; I figured out that I could simply hire a cheap escort instead of having to tune a bitchy girl.

So, where best was I to look for cheap escorts than online. I wanted it to be discreet, so a street-hooker wasn’t an option. I just randomly typed cheap escorts on Google early the following morning and various sites came up. Wow, so getting quick sex didn’t have to be so complicated. There were countless agencies promising sexy escorts at incredibly low prices and I was impressed. Just the thought of these readily available girls waiting to offer me great fun for a real bargain gave me a boner. I just needed a sexy girl right there with me ready to please me in any way I wanted.

After, just about half an hour, I found this London escort agency that offered escorts for just $80 an hour. I was excited. An hour was enough time to enjoy blunt sex for the first time in my life. There were numerous photos of various sexy girls and they all looked damn good and curvy; just the features that have always turned me on. Then I found my favorite, she was a beautiful girl with a thick body and a heavy chest. Her name was Kate. I knew that I wouldn’t regret losing my virginity to her. I took the contacts at the bottom of the page, and in no time, I was talking to an agent. I told her that I wanted Kate that night. We made all the arrangements, and she assured me that I would have an in-call session with Kate that night. The best thing was that her place wasn’t far from my home.

That day, I didn’t concentrate at all at class, nor did I get actively involved in anything. I was too anxious and I would often feel my hardness throughout the day, I did all I could to hide it though. I couldn’t wait. I was just glad when at 6 pm I received a call. It was Kate and she was waiting for me. Hardly an hour went by before I was at a place. Of course, I had the cash in an envelope. I wasn’t going to let an $80 bill spoil my night. She met me at the door in a sheer lingerie. She was even more attractive in person than on the photos I had viewed earlier. And her provocative hips made me horny, like the horniest I have ever been in my life!

We quickly got down to business in her living room. I was glad she knew that I was not in the mood to waste any time. She took off my pants, my shirt and finally my boxers. My boner was just there looking straight up and she knew how to massage it and lick it. I had never felt so good. I grabbed her and slid off her lingerie. She was slightly wet and I knew exactly what to do next. It was time to penetrate her. I put on a condom. I had watched some porn movies so I knew what I had to do. After a few thrusts I had my first real orgasm. And then we did it a couple of more times. I didn’t even notice that an hour was gone when we finally stopped. I walked out of that apartment feeling like a man. It was an amazing experience for just 80 bucks. And I knew I would need the services of another cheap escort in a weeks’ time or so. I just had to have a repeat of such an experience!

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