Can I Tie You Up Please



I am being a good girl today, and I am asking you if I can tie you up? Not all girls ask if they can tie up their gentlemen friends but I like to be a good girl so I always ask. Your see, I find it very frustrating that I cannot ask any of the gents that I date at Charing Cross escorts if I can tie them up. It is not the sort of thing that you do, and it would be naughty of me if I did so without asking.


Some of the gents that I date at Charing Cross escorts from are really sexy and I would love to tie them up. Mind you, that is not the only thing that I would like to do so some of the gents that visit me on a regular basis. The other thing that I would love to do would be to have sex in open spaces. I have a real thing about that, and I like to be naked outside. It makes me feel so good, and that cool air on my hotter body parts, only turns me on. I just love that feeling.


I also have this other thing about car bonnets. The other day I was telling one of my dates about my passion for car bonnets, and he told me that he could believe his ears. To say that he was surprised would have been an understatement, but I think that he liked the idea of it. The only thing was that he would not tell me what kind of car that he owned, I thought that was a little bit naughty of him. I told him that I wanted to dream about him and his car after I had left Charing Cross escorts that evening. He told me that he thought that I was kinky.


So, I may be a little bit kinky, but I cannot see the harm in that. I would love to have sex outside but none of the boyfriends that I have ever met have been brave enough to please me in that sort of way. If you feel that you could make me happy and make my dreams come true, perhaps you could give me a call. My private number is available but it would be better if you called me at Charing Cross escorts. Sometimes I help out on reception, and it would be good if we could talk then. It would give me something exciting to look forward to if you know what I mean.


If you don’t like talking about things like this, perhaps you could get in touch in some other ways. I keep coming up with new exciting ideas all of the time, and I am sure that the girls here at Charing Cross escorts also have some exciting ideas. But more than anything I like to hear from you if you like to be naked outside and perhaps come to fulfil some of my fantasies with me. I do have my own little sexual wish list if you like, and I am sure that you would like to share many of the pleasures that I have lined up for you.


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