Bond Street Escorts – Turn Casual Dating into a relationship


I help the 21st century woman create a love life that she absolutely freakin loves and in this article right now I’m going to be sharing with you how to go from a casual relationship with a guide to something just a little bit more serious says Bond Street Escorts of

So you meet a guy out at night think to yourself yeah this guy’s not bad he says a few funny things he seems to be into you. You know what, I’m a 21st century woman I do what I want so you go ahead you have sex with him that night okay cool. maybe I’ll do that again maybe, I won’t so you go about your week you do your work then the following weekend comes around he shoots you that text around 10:30 p.m. saying I’ll be out tonight maybe meet up later. you think hey why not I’m a 21st century woman that makes sense it’s already been done we’ve already sealed the deal why not go for round two and then you go for round two, and then round three happens then round four and then one morning you wake up and you realize holy crap I am in love with this guy now this is a little bit of a tricky situation going from something that’s a little bit more casual to committed.

Why you might ask well is because essentially you’re really renegotiating the relationship. Previously the relationship was solely focused on sex. And then, basically the guy he didn’t have to do anything in order to have that sex now. we are doing is saying I want more in return for that sex now, I’ll tell you this I’ve personally been in casual relationships with women that have turned serious. They turn into serious relationships but I’ve also been in casual relationships that have turned into total shit and a lot of it depends on how the situation is handled.

so please pay very close attention to this article so here’s how you want to go about it firstly need to be willing to lose him altogether and you should be willing to lose him. Once you’ve realized that the current arrangement really doesn’t make you happy. second you need to remove sex from the relationship invite him to come hang out with you and a bunch of friends, at the beach or maybe just go for a walk in the park on a Saturday, quite frankly I don’t care what activity you do where you went just any activity that is outside of the bedroom will work really well for you guys too to get to know each other on a non-sexual level. thirdly I want you to reintroduce yourself to him and really redefine the way that he sees you maybe that means wearing something a little bit different than you normally do around him or maybe sharing something with him that a little bit deeper than you normally do, or maybe just show him that goofy side of you that he hasn’t quite seen yet he needs to see you from a really a different perspective. In order for this shift to happen fourthly start accepting dates from other guys no this doesn’t mean you should go ahead and sleep with every guy that asks you out.

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