50 Years Of Escorting in London

My entire family have worked in the adult entertainment industry in London on one way or another. The first one to work in the adult industry in London, was my grandma who worked for a wonderful charlotte London escorts service in Soho. Back then, it was mainly a lot of rich nobility who were into dating escorts. They married just for money, and I guess that there was not a lot of love in those relationship. Dating escorts in London when they visited on business, was probably their way of getting some feminine companionship.

If you like, my grandma retired after handing over the reins to my mum, who started to work to work for London escorts when she was about 10 years old. She took over my nan’s boudoir and worked as a London escort for an incall basis. The gents that she dated were mainly business men, and a lot of politicians. Around that time, they were only the kind of gents who could afford to date London escorts. Interestingly enough of them were British, and from what I can understand, most of the girls who worked as escorts, were British.

I started to work for London escorts about four years ago, and things have changed once again. The gents I date are often foreign visitors to London, and many of them do have a thing about escorts in London. It turns out that London escorts have made a bit of a name for themselves, and many gents now take a few days extra in London to enjoy the company of the London escorts. It has kind of become a right of passage to date escorts in London.

Today, most London escorts do outcall instead of London, and work for agencies. When my nan started to work in the London escorts service, most girls worked as independent escorts and enjoyed visited girls in their boudoir. Our family has kept my nan’s original apartment, and I know run my service from it. But I have to admit that the kind of dating I do is very different. When my nan was into escorting, she would never go out for business dinners but most girls do that all of the time now. It seems that we have gone both of market and down market at the same time.

These days, you will find all sorts of different London escorts services in London, and there is certainly a lot more of them. Dating London escorts used to be kind of an exclusive activity, but it has changed a lot. You will find escort services all across London, and some of them cater for cheap escort market as well. I work for an elite London escorts service, and many of the girls I know in the industry provide specialist services such as role play and duo escorts services. Duo dating was never heard of when my grandma and mum worked in the service, so things have certainly changed a lot, and I wonder what the future has to bring for escorts in London.

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