Just Women Stuffs and Sexual Liberation


From 2006 which is when Facebook became worldwide and obviously 2016, 10 years later, teenage pregnancy in this country has halved. I know. And I do also think that young women and young men are probably also more education, more sensible, hopefully sex education’s getting better.

On the internet there is access to so many resources. If people want to find out how to put on a condom, what is gonorrhea, like they can find those kind of things out? Because I think if you’re a parent, ’cause what you don’t want to do is make your child traumatized by awareness of sex too early.

Will they be traumatized though, you don’t?

I think not if it’s the science thing, I think like the sperm and the eggs and the babies growing inside of women and all of that sort of thing is ok, but you also don’t want them to be the person whose too liberated at 10, and be like oh I left some innocence.10 year olds talking about blow jobs. I’ve just had a pole dance in class, ’cause it’s really good at burning calories according to Woodford Escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/woodford-escorts.

Oh here’s a thing, sexual liberation, ’cause you said pole dancing, can’t remember who said it but I just saw this quote online somewhere that said, “you know the patriarchy has won” “when women do pole dancing for exercise.”

so the third way feminism, the beginning of it was we’re really liberated now so take your clothes off and dance for us.

I honestly, I think I try so much I completely understand why someone would go and it would be fun and that it would be great exercise and obviously pole dancers are so strong and musclely, and I don’t think like oh that is bad, you should only be going to exercise classes in sacks. I went to Zumba classes and I was really amazed ’cause Zumba classes are mostly females and boys aren’t told they can’t come, they’re often just women and so it’s really, it felt like being in an ovary and that anything was possible according to Woodford Escorts.

The teacher, all of the moves, she kept making it very anti-men. Ok. I was like, oh if a man was here I’d feel so uncomfortable ’cause we were like slapping him round the face ’cause he’d come home drunk and we were like grinding into guys who weren’t our husband first of all but I loved it ’cause it was really cheeky.

I’m not sure how I feel about that. It was just sort of these middle aged ladies having a really fun sexy time because there was an absence of men and because it was an unseen environment. It does stop as you get older. The men, the gropey men, not that they, it all stops altogether, the really gropey men, the predatory ones, they go for young girls.



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