I know that it may sound a bit strange for a bunch of escorts wanting to go on a cruise

I have to admit that it is a convenient way to travel. If you want to see and experience a lot of European cities all at once, it is perhaps the best way to travel. All of us really fancy seeing places like Rome and Athens but taking individual holidays there can work out really expensive, or so we thought.

This weekend I popped into a local travel agent with the other girls from Kent escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/kent-escorts to see if they had any cruises on special offer. It is a rather confusing industry as there are tons of different companies, and they all have different standards. We wanted to have a couple of balcony cabins so that we could enjoy sitting on the balcony when the ship was at sea. To our surprise, balcony cabins are mega expensive. It turns out that many of the prices advertised online are actually for inside cabins.

I don’t fancy an inside cabin at all as I think it would make us a bit claustrophobia. Most of the time we would probably be hanging on the bar anyway but I don’t fancy sleeping inside of the ship. What if something happened and you had to get out quickly? Speaking to the other girls from Kent escorts it was soon clear that none of us fancied an inside cabinet. The only option was to go for a balcony cabin, and make sure that we were closed to each other. It would be okay to pay a bit extra to get what you want.

But, that was not everything. It then turned out that we needed to pay some sort of hotel charge which amounted to £18 per person per night. Well, what is the point in offering somebody a cabin if you are expected to pay a hotel charge as well. To me and the rest of the Kent escorts that sounded really strange. The cruise was going to be over 12 days, so a hotel charge at £18 per person per day would be way over the top. Of course, that is not all of it, you are then expected to pay for a drink’s package as well and that could work out at £35 per person per day.

When we stepped back and looked at the deal, it was not so good. All of the extras, don’t forget about the port charges as well, made a cruise a really expensive option for visiting Europe. Yes, most of the girls from Kent escorts could afford it but it would have worked out really expensive. I am not so sure that cruising is such a good option if you want to explore Europe after all, and perhaps it would be better to take the train or fly instead. As a matter of fact, I think that the Orient Express would have been cheaper.

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