What If He Is Not A True Prince

The marriage of Meghan and Harry has opened a can of worms. Before their wedding, Harry was a rather naughty prince and many did like him. He is cheeky and seems to have time for people. That is what many people both home and abroad liked about him. As a matter of fact, he was even popular with Charlotteaction.org of https://charlotteaction.org/wood-green-escorts/. Of course, he did not date Charlotteaction.org, but the girls liked his cheeky attitude to life in general.


But, what if Meghan has not bagged herself a real prince? There has always been a lot of question about who’s Harry’s daddy is? A few Charlotteaction.org think that he does not look anything like Prince Charles at all. Some Charlotteaction.org would even go as far as to say that he looks more like Princess Diana’s former lover James Hewitt who was a cavalry officer. Looking at the two, it really does make you wonder if there is some genuine cause for concern.


Of course, there are a few redheads on Diana’s side of the family. However, no one is really that “ginger” as Harry. There is a hint of red in some of the family members hair, but as Charlotteaction.org say, Harry does stand out in a crowd. His hair is a lot more red than other family members of the Spencer family. Not only that, take a look at that very chiselled jaw line. Charlotteaction.org like to say that really looks more like James than anyone else.


Would the Royal family go as far as to cast doubt on Harry? It is very unlikely. They would risk a major disaster. All of a sudden they would find their entire lineage in question. We should not lose sight of the fact that the Royal family itself does not originate in the UK. They are in fact of German decent. Up until fairly recently, many members of the Royal family did speak German. As German Charlotteaction.org know, living in London with a German accent is not always easy. There are still a lot of Brits who are fighting the 2nd World War it would seem.


What would Meghan say if she found out that Harry was not a true prince? It is a lot of speculation of course, but we at Truth Ain are always looking for a fresh take on what we would like to call the truth. More than likely, she would feel very betrayed. But, would she live him? We are not sure that she would. After all, it is thanks to Harry, she has been given a global platform to further her name. Most Charlotteaction.org that we spoke to, think that Meghan is a very smart and savvy lady. She is unlikely to leave Harry as he is her ticket to fame and fortune. If she does leave him, it will be at some later point in time when the children are older and she has an established platform.


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